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  1. Crash issues
  2. Incorrect killfeed entry
  3. Initial first impressions/problems.
  4. Font error?
  5. D3D Com. Error. / PS2 CDT.
  6. Before Posting a Bug... What we need to help you.
  7. Fortinet Problem (Reddit post)
  8. In-Game Overlay & Oemtilde Not Working
  9. Issue launching Recursion through batch file.
  10. PS wont load?
  11. Issue right after sign-in.
  12. SOE Census API Currently Down 6/7 4:30 PST (Includes fix)
  13. Issues with player recognition or something :S
  14. Achievement vocals delayed
  15. RTST no works for me :(
  16. Performance drop
  17. My total achievements no longer updates?
  18. Planetside crashes with direct x enabled
  19. Sound works great, but nothing visual ingame
  20. Known Issues & Fixes
  21. Recursion not finding my headset
  22. no longer works
  23. Can log into forum, can't log into stat tracker
  24. In Game Overlay Issue
  25. "An error has occurred: Access is denied"
  26. How to make the stat tracker customize?
  27. Certain Medals Arent Being Awarded
  28. Session Timer breaks after Alt-Tabbing
  29. Missing Achievement Descriptions
  30. Sounds and ingame achievement images start a long time after they actually happen?
  31. Stat tracker doesnīt start/canīt find config
  32. Session stops updating until I end + resume it.
  33. Overlay bugs: switches PS2 client to windowed mode, or crashes
  34. Parameter not valid?
  35. question
  36. "Installation directory must be on local hard drive." Bug
  37. Arnold voice pack wont work for me
  38. Issue with In-game Overlay (Microsoft Visual C++)
  39. Stat tracker with Windows 8.1
  40. Need some help here!
  41. The achievement pop ups stop working after a few minutes
  42. Update to Help Reduce PS2 Crashing
  43. FPS Drop ONLY when RTST is open
  44. Admin mode
  45. Not being able to get Batman or Scripted cheater achievements
  46. ERROR MSG when Logging into Stat Tracker
  47. Antivirus flagged rtst_run_dx86.exe
  48. Crash on program startup
  49. Having some issue with modifying voice packs.
  50. No Sound from program
  51. Recursion Stat tracker causing Planetside 2 to crash after installing new GPU?
  52. Locked out
  53. Steel Rain - PS2 Developer - SUPERMAN
  54. RTST Error (directx)?
  55. possible bug regarding AC-X11
  56. Bug while sorting %
  57. Beta 10 - Achievements showing as white boxes
  58. Error:socket_timeout
  59. Non 1920x1080 streaming overlay?
  60. Error: Socket Timeout
  61. Scrpted Cheater Bug - Beta 10
  62. could not connect
  63. Not Abel to register
  64. I am not able to login to my new account
  65. Not able to log into new account
  66. Planetside crashes if recursion is running first
  67. Batman Didn't Register?
  68. Killed SOE dev, but no achievement
  69. RTST Detroying my FPS
  70. Start Session -> changes game to Windowed Mode from Full Screen
  71. Fix for PS2 Crash at 5%
  72. Weird issue, text misaligned in Recursion Achievement Options
  73. rtst wont work
  74. RTST won't connect to the Tracker/Game API
  75. Icikill isn't registered as a knife for the knife achievement
  76. Lumine Edge knife kills reporting as 'Scorpius'
  77. Decimation: doesn't work with black/golden decimator
  78. PS2 Name Change - RTST lost.
  79. It suddenly stopped working
  80. Achievements bugged out on me.
  81. Unable to get "real time" tracking, am forced to click "update session"
  82. D3D Com.Error and PS2 CTD
  83. 10.1.1B Login bug
  84. Ok...
  85. Broken fonts and per-kill sound in
  86. [] In-Game Overlay Not Working 75% of the Time
  87. When starting OBS game capture with RTST & D3D hook enabled, PS2 CTDs
  88. One feature I miss
  89. [Bug?] New players.
  90. RTST CTD Radeon Pro D3D (non)compatibility - and potential "game render" issue in OBS
  91. Loading Issue
  92. Weapon error in ver
  93. since the update today, directx wont initialize
  94. Stat tracker overlay does not work at ALL for me
  95. Virus in RTST ?
  96. [] Overlay Crashes after a Few Hours
  97. Voice pack port over from v10 to v9
  98. Planetside freezing right after logging in
  99. REcursion Beta has mysteriously enabled Wake on Lan settings.
  100. Failing to update to newest Beta (since the stop from 9 to beta 10)
  101. NumPad Keybind Issue
  102. Failure to Track Player, Despite Tracking Other Players
  103. Installer fails with "unable to create appdata directory" prompt.
  104. Help Tracking Down HUD Disappearing Bug
  105. Possible Fix for everyone who has issues to log in to RT
  106. Unable to see the Recursion Overlay In-Game (settings linked)
  107. Having troubles installing the tracker
  108. Not able to login
  109. New trackr update user name /password is (the wrong format)
  110. Can't login after latest patch
  111. Stat Tracker Not Working
  112. Cant Install Recursion Stat Tracker
  113. Revenge sound doesn't work and changeing sounds folder directory?
  114. rtst_d3doverlay_x64.dll is in use
  115. Multiple Characters causing stats not to show
  116. HUD not loading.
  117. Can't login on Recursion Stat Tracker
  118. Small overlay HUD not working
  119. Sound packs revert to default every startup
  120. Issue with Auraxium percentage counter on the large overlay
  121. Stat Tracker doesnīt work ingame
  122. Voice pack not working
  123. Ingame HUD not working
  124. Scripted Cheater And Batman Achievements not working (
  125. Overlay HUD not working
  126. Stat tracker sounds are delayed
  127. RST 10.3 - Get an error message when opening Options/Components
  128. GUN_BIGGER not triggering properly?
  129. Main Window Disappears on second Monitor when the game loads
  130. Changed faction (VS to NC) this happened:
  131. Font rendering in main window poor for deaths, good for kills
  132. Problem with Voice Packs
  133. In game overlay hasn't worked for the past few months.
  134. Crashing and no overlay
  135. Continued loading
  136. Name change problem
  137. Issue with
  138. multiple characters
  139. Invalid character in the given encoding. Line 2, position 1 error.
  140. error:socket_time
  141. Cannot uninstall and install latest version
  142. "An error has occurred: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  143. Stuttering when playing with Recursion
  144. My overlay Not WORKS :(
  145. New character with same name
  146. Overlay CTD
  147. Could not add Player
  148. Unable to reach API Servers.
  149. Cant connect to API
  150. PSA: DBG is gettin DDoS'd taking the API offline. It's back whenever that stops
  151. Cannot update or add any players
  152. Offline Mode: Disable the "repeat customer" and "welcome to planetside" vo lines
  153. Unable to connect to API servers,Can't update, Can't add players (even Numeric ID)
  154. Unable to earn "Kamikaze" and "Road Rage" achievements
  155. Cant login
  156. Enable sound not saving through restarts
  157. Unable to load VoicePack
  158. Overlay turns itself off on XP events
  159. Older Versions?
  160. Recursion stuck on loading screen
  161. Offline mode and no connection for update.
  162. Auto login doesn't work on Windows 10
  163. Choosing Sound Files with the ogg extension while creating a new Voicepack causes err
  164. Create account link on client outdated
  165. Batman/Scripted Cheater + Scout Rifles
  166. Audio only.
  167. Audio changing on me
  168. Can't add players, RST stopped working
  169. Recursion overlay not working
  170. Driver crashes
  171. Overlay hides on XP gain
  172. Problem to start the program correctly
  173. RT always stays in offline mode
  174. Voice packs, killstreak overlays dont work
  175. [Bug or Feature Request] RTST Overlay + Radeon Pro CTD
  176. Options menu wont open
  177. Options bug
  178. Unable to reach the API servers.
  179. Stuck in Offline Mode and Can't Update or Reinstall
  180. Stuck in Offline Mode and Can't Update or Reinstall
  181. Duplication of character
  182. Achievements Playing On Next Startup
  183. How to reset Voice Pack to Default?
  184. Overlay not working
  185. This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated...
  186. constant error on clicking "options"
  187. v0.11 - RST resets custom settings ...
  188. Unable To Publish a Soundpack
  189. Can't sign in
  190. Create Session Bug
  191. Unable to disable system sounds
  192. cant get voicepack working
  193. Need to re-install Simple Sesstion Stats every time after restarting RST
  194. Need help asap please! Before I take drastic measures.
  195. Overlay not working.
  196. Not working after clicking pop up to update program
  197. Overlay Crosshairs not centered
  198. Positive LOD bias breaks overlay
  199. Trouble Logging for the Recursion Stat tracker
  200. Type initializer threw an exception
  201. HUD Overlay seems a little too big
  202. Issues Starting the Client
  203. Two characters with the same name (one ded), can't see achievements
  204. Not hearing any "Sound Per Kill"
  205. Anti Virus False Positive
  206. Spitfire kills doesn't get updated in "All Weapons"
  207. Unable to update
  208. HUD not working
  209. Toons gone every restart
  210. Tracker not receiving kill/death calls at all.
  211. Character's name invisible, no button add or delete player appearing
  212. Unable to login and start client
  213. Gray Area where stats/information would be located
  214. Unable to install - folder path contains invalid characters
  215. Vehicle Gunner Display not showing.
  216. Cannot update or uninstall v9.2.5 without the original .MSI
  217. Program works fine except no tracking of in-game activity
  218. "Could not connect"
  219. Stat tracking not working for my Emerald Character
  220. Dynamic sound playing default
  221. "Could not connect" V2
  222. Overlay not working
  223. Overlay blocked by BattleEye
  224. Overlay not working
  225. RST Voice Pack Help - "incorrect" descriptions
  226. I deleted my character, and made another with the same name, now i cant see my stats
  227. PUP in RST?
  228. Missing sound when using Logitech G930
  229. Absolute paths for dynamic files instead of relative paths
  230. Client stays in "Offline" mode...
  231. AE commies not working for the Pistol Achievement line
  232. Mouse issue
  233. Windows 10 Creators Update
  234. Recursion Tracker error report
  235. My Recursion tracker issue
  236. Massive freezing issues
  237. HUD Overlay - Display coordinates
  238. Failed to load - RTPluginPS2.dll
  239. Issues after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  240. Overlay Issue
  241. RTST Crash
  242. Mods not working?
  243. Not saving settings and mod configs. Windows 10.
  244. Error: Failed to load RTPluginPS2.dll
  245. ASP patch update
  246. cant get achieve or session stats 2 show
  247. Recursion Tracker prevent Planetside from running.
  248. Recursion Tracker crashes PS2
  249. Recursion causes games to freeze when making any keyboard or mouse input
  250. FPS massive drop