View Full Version : Friends of Recursion - Virtual Reality - Comms Quick Start Guide

Exploding Fist
07-15-2017, 05:05 PM
Since playing together in VR right now can be quite challenging for most games, I'm opening up our TS to friends of Recursion to play with us in VR using headset comms. The idea is to have everything setup so if you say something in your head set, every other headset in the channel can hear it. We did a test last night and it worked amazing. For games like Onward and Echo Arena this is pretty essential to be able to co-ordinate and play together (with some in game comms overlap, but it's not too bad).

First you need to get the credentials to TS, and then get assigned the "Friends of Recursion" role.


Once you've done that go to the "Virtual Reality" channel. If we get enough people we'll make sub channels later.

Next you need to configure your client to support the headset.


Go to Tools -> Options -> Playback

Choose your VR headset.


Go to Tools -> Options -> Capture

Choose your VR headset mic as the capture device.
Set to Voice Activation Detection
Set the activation threshold at a point where your voice will always activate it, but your breathing won't.
Start with very sensitive voice activation, and 'Begin Test' so you can see the light turn on when you scream and the VR headset hears you. This is just to confirm this is working.
You're good to go.

If you start having issues with your mic or headset not working, try unplugging others you may have plugged in (has been an issue for some). There may be a perm issue if you can voice activate talk in testing but not the channel, but this would be rare.

Serious Note: Please make sure you leave the channel before going into an epic session of VR porn. For the love of god!