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  1. [Voice Pack] Dawn of War Voice Pack: Inquisitor and Sisters of Battle

    Copying and pasting my post from /r/planetside

    Havent played in a few months, construction dragged me back but I realised that my original SoB voicepack didnt work anymore (might of been the...
  2. Bit late but ive finished Space Marine files for...

    Bit late but ive finished Space Marine files for all Dawn of War games except DoW2 (dont think it would change much from DoW2-DoW:R since it is an expansion)
  3. Space Marine one should be done by the end of...

    Space Marine one should be done by the end of tomorrow hopefully. Finishing the Ork one now

    EDIT: Done some characters, if you want you can hop in now
  4. Requesting Help for 40K Voicepack, details inside

    EDIT: I have completely Dawn of War Retribution and Dawn of War Soulstorm extraction, you can access it in the dropbox link below

    So i postd on /r/planetside about ripping audio from the 40k and...
  5. Voice Pack: Sisters of Battle from Dawn of War Soulstorm

    Copying and pasting from my reddit post:

    Hello, wanted more female voicepacks and found few so made my own. Love Warhammer 40k (even if the Sisters of Battle are like cannon-fodder for stupid...
  6. Is there somewhere that lists all conditions for the Achievement options?

    I am trying to make a Sisters of Battle voicepack however there are quite a few achievements that dont have descriptions i.e. Being_Farmed, Death_Insult, Pain_Remains, Prevent_FF etc. A few are...
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