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    [Voice Pack] Command and Conquer

    Updated to VERSION 3

    Increased some of the volumes, cleaned up some audio, added patch notes in the readme, and added a few new files. I created this new post as updating old posts doesn't bump threads, and I couldn't change the thread title. Very annoying. Total number of files at 340. Many of the new files are from the Movie Actors from YR 1.000. Flint Westwood, Sammy Stallion, and Arnnie Frankenfurter
    Not sure if I'll update in the future, but I will if I decide to do CnC3 and RA3 units or this gets updated for Escalation.

    This is the update to a voice pack using units from Command and Conquer. I had this posted about 2 years ago but I decided I would do some updates on it. I always thought this game feels like it takes place in the same Universe. The units range from C&C Gold to Generals. I decided I wanted to update this and went from 143 -> 304 voice clips but let me know what you all think. MOST of the triggers use an array of sound files so it will hopefully add some variety to your game-play. There are only a few triggers that only have 1 sound file. Just extract to your recursion installation folder, then load the voice pack from tools>options>audio>load. I couldn't get the direct link to work so I uploaded them to my file hosting accounts. If the links go down, hit me up here and I'll update the links. I made this for myself but because I like it and I figured if I like it, I bet someone else will. Happy Killing spree Keep it real and keep it on Remix [TWC2]Remixthispurple

    Open with 7zip

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    So I noticed a small bug that I intend to fix shortly. For some reason, some of the files arent readable so the tracker defaults back to the original sound for that file. Most of the files will still play properly. I think I just need to change the bugged file names and then re-select the correctly named files. I plan on updating within the month after I finish some other very important work. Sorry about that.

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