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    [Voice Pack] Star wars battlefront II (2005) Republic Voice pack!

    Hey there guys!

    So after much convincing of my outfit mates, I finally installed recursion and...well mostly fell in love the with custom voice packs. So much so that I created my own. Its still a work in progress and I update it whenever I feel like it, but I have made a voice pack based on the game star wars battlefront 2 from 2005 (damn I feel old saying that) as its one of my most favorite games to play! I've been using this voice pack for a bit now and had great fun with it.

    This voice pack featuers:
    • Custom banner (thats really just art cut down but it sounds fancy)
    • Minimum of repetition in voice lines
    • Most achievements are covered (cept any speciality ones like Fire or Iced and Care bare stare or 40 kill streak maxes)
    • Dynamic sounds for PER_KILL for some variety.
    • Custom Crosshair to be used with the Crosshair mod
    • Lots of clones shouting

    Name:  AchievementBGStarWars.png
Views: 5050
Size:  1.09 MB

    Download Link

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I'm still trying to better it by including more dynamic voicelines to keep the pack as chaotic as I can. I'll post any updates in this thread and new links to them as I continue my work on it! Have fun and see you planetside.

    Name:  Star Wars Crosshair2.png
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Size:  17.8 KB

    Example in game:


    25-01-2021: Edited custom Crosshair to now be an actual circle, added different colors to match those of the recusion crosshair mod
    26-11-2020: Added custom Crosshair to the package, to install, locate the crosshair folder (RecursionTracker -> 1 -> Crosshairs) then open up the Mods tab -> Mod manager -> Crosshair mod -> Crosshair -> Configure
    12-11-2020: Changed permissions on the download link so anyone should be able to download it now without requesting me
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    Ah, finally found it, i think the reddit post is missing or im just blind.

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    What do you mean? The link in the reddit post should be the straight dl (unless my drive has messed up somehow)

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