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    Halsoy's collection of magically enchanting things and dings

    Edit: Updated OP by cleaning it up a bit and added an array of new achievement backgrounds with the new format. Should be plenty of base ones to chose from for people if they want something other than the standard look. Requests for backgrounds are welcome, but I'll make them on my time schedule if anything.

    (if you don't know how to change the pictures: - for the streaming overlay picture look here:

    Achievement backgrounds:

    Outfit Backgrounds

    [GOTR] Ghosts Of The Revolution

    Name:  GOTRIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3597
Size:  10.1 KBName:  GOTRStreaming.png
Views: 3514
Size:  8.1 KB

    [RSG] Republican Shock Guard

    Name:  RSG-logo-in-game.png
Views: 3079
Size:  44.7 KBName:  RSG-logo-streaming.png
Views: 2936
Size:  45.0 KB

    New faction backgrounds:

    Name:  NCNew.png
Views: 4095
Size:  8.9 KBName:  VSNew.png
Views: 4098
Size:  11.8 KBName:  TRNew.png
Views: 4013
Size:  8.8 KB

    Translucent versions

    Name:  NCNewTranslucent.png
Views: 3492
Size:  8.9 KBName:  VSNewTranslucent.png
Views: 3534
Size:  11.8 KBName:  TRNewTranslucent.png
Views: 3506
Size:  8.9 KB

    Ingame achievement backgrounds (translucent):

    Name:  SovereignIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3526
Size:  45.8 KBName:  DukeIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3612
Size:  76.2 KBName:  BoomShakalakaIngameOverlayTranslucent.png
Views: 3553
Size:  42.5 KBName:  ValkyrieIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3480
Size:  9.4 KBName:  ProwlerIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3497
Size:  9.5 KBName:  MagriderIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3476
Size:  12.7 KBName:  HarasserIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3489
Size:  9.3 KBName:  VanguardIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3500
Size:  12.1 KBName:  SundererIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3478
Size:  9.5 KBName:  ReaverIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3492
Size:  12.8 KBName:  MosquitoIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3499
Size:  10.0 KBName:  LiberatorIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3509
Size:  9.4 KBName:  FlashIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3459
Size:  9.6 KBName:  ScytheIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3430
Size:  13.2 KBName:  LightningInGameTranslucent.png
Views: 3490
Size:  9.4 KBName:  GalaxyIngameTranslucent.png
Views: 3453
Size:  9.1 KBName:  Payday2Ingame.png
Views: 3077
Size:  28.3 KB

    Ingame achievement backgrounds (solid):

    Name:  SovereignIngame.png
Views: 3084
Size:  45.8 KBName:  DukeIngame.png
Views: 3541
Size:  76.2 KBName:  BoomShakalakaIngameOverlay.png
Views: 3610
Size:  42.6 KBName:  VanguardIngame.png
Views: 3600
Size:  12.1 KBName:  ValkyrieIngame.png
Views: 3546
Size:  9.4 KBName:  SundererIngame.png
Views: 3534
Size:  9.5 KBName:  ScytheIngame.png
Views: 3523
Size:  13.2 KBName:  ReaverIngame.png
Views: 3591
Size:  12.8 KBName:  ProwlerIngame.png
Views: 3544
Size:  9.5 KBName:  MosquitoIngame.png
Views: 3526
Size:  10.0 KBName:  MagriderIngame.png
Views: 3538
Size:  12.7 KBName:  FlashIngame.png
Views: 3562
Size:  9.6 KBName:  GalaxyIngame.png
Views: 3545
Size:  9.1 KBName:  HarasserIngame.png
Views: 3606
Size:  9.3 KBName:  LiberatorIngame.png
Views: 3581
Size:  9.4 KBName:  LightningInGame.png
Views: 3566
Size:  9.4 KB

    Achievement backgrounds meant to be used with the streaming overlay (the one you use with i.e. OBS (they have a hard line to work with keying)):

    Name:  SovereignStreaming.png
Views: 3129
Size:  42.3 KBName:  DukeStreaming.png
Views: 3552
Size:  67.8 KBName:  BoomShakalakaStreamingOverlay.png
Views: 3465
Size:  37.5 KBName:  VanguardStreaming.png
Views: 3558
Size:  9.0 KBName:  ValkyrieStreaming.png
Views: 3478
Size:  7.2 KBName:  SundererStreaming.png
Views: 3430
Size:  7.3 KBName:  ScytheStreaming.png
Views: 3129
Size:  10.6 KBName:  ReaverStreaming.png
Views: 3101
Size:  9.7 KBName:  ProwlerStreaming.png
Views: 3097
Size:  7.1 KBName:  MosquitoStreaming.png
Views: 3105
Size:  7.6 KBName:  MagriderStreaming.png
Views: 3060
Size:  10.1 KBName:  LightningStreamingOverlay.png
Views: 3018
Size:  7.2 KBName:  LiberatorStreaming.png
Views: 3063
Size:  7.2 KBName:  HarasserStreaming.png
Views: 3077
Size:  7.1 KBName:  GalaxyStreaming.png
Views: 3059
Size:  6.8 KBName:  FlashStreaming.png
Views: 3034
Size:  7.4 KBName:  Payday2Stream.png
Views: 2152
Size:  24.7 KBName:  Archer-commie.png
Views: 1970
Size:  14.8 KBName:  Archer.png
Views: 1969
Size:  13.9 KB

    Name:  MLGnew.gif
Views: 4119
Size:  1.85 MB Updated MLG with the new format and even more MLG (this currently only works in the in-game overlay (animated))

    Personal Backgrounds


    Name:  TheAznDoctorIngame.png
Views: 2539
Size:  20.7 KBName:  TheAznDoctorStreaming.png
Views: 2596
Size:  16.8 KB

    Older backgrounds:

    Name:  MLG.gif
Views: 3513
Size:  1.13 MB

    Alien VS Predator:
    Name:  predator-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3407
Size:  81.4 KB

    Duke Nukem:
    Name:  Duke-Nukem-1-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3341
Size:  98.1 KB

    NBA Jam:
    Name:  BoomShakalaka.png
Views: 3170
Size:  36.1 KB

    Name:  Slyvinlisha2.png
Views: 3281
Size:  53.2 KB

    Alternative to Default RTST Background:
    Name:  RcursionAchievementBGnewtempsofter.png
Views: 3164
Size:  4.8 KB

    Faction Backgrounds:

    Name:  NC-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3409
Size:  49.1 KB Name:  TR-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3426
Size:  46.3 KB Name:  VS-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3412
Size:  40.9 KB

    Name:  NC-solid-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3371
Size:  49.7 KB Name:  TR-sold-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3376
Size:  44.3 KB Name:  VS-solid-Rcursion-AchievementBG.png
Views: 3409
Size:  39.3 KB

    Approved achievement icons:
    (incomplete list)

    Name:  Care-Bear-stare.png
Views: 3467
Size:  27.6 KB Name:  Executioner2.png
Views: 3343
Size:  28.4 KB Name:  Head-hunter.png
Views: 3319
Size:  29.6 KB Name:  ive-got-a-present-for-you.png
Views: 3364
Size:  27.0 KB Name:  Lobotomist.png
Views: 3359
Size:  34.0 KB Name:  Submission3.png
Views: 3372
Size:  18.8 KB Name:  Bombardier.png
Views: 3347
Size:  23.4 KB Name:  Harvester.png
Views: 3328
Size:  30.1 KB Name:  superman-red.png
Views: 3538
Size:  25.5 KB Name:  Top-gun-1.png
Views: 3453
Size:  23.2 KB Name:  One-man-to-farm-them-all.png
Views: 3473
Size:  35.2 KB Name:  thread-the-needle.png
Views: 3412
Size:  27.4 KB Name:  Instant-Action.png
Views: 3431
Size:  22.3 KB Name:  Maximum-Damage2.png
Views: 3423
Size:  30.8 KB Name:  He's-on-Fire.png
Views: 3402
Size:  26.6 KB Name:  Pistol-Whipped.png
Views: 3407
Size:  29.1 KB Name:  Sidearm-Slayer.png
Views: 3356
Size:  27.4 KB Name:  Run-and-Handgun.png
Views: 3352
Size:  26.3 KB Name:  NC-MAX.png
Views: 3144
Size:  38.4 KB Name:  TR-MAX.png
Views: 3131
Size:  36.5 KB Name:  VS-MAX.png
Views: 3134
Size:  37.0 KB Name:  Iced.png
Views: 3459
Size:  33.9 KB Name:  SometimesIImpressMyself.png
Views: 3453
Size:  33.2 KB Name:  SometimesIImpressMyselfAnimated.gif
Views: 3038
Size:  42.1 KB Name:  OneManToFarmThemAllAnimatedNew.gif
Views: 3043
Size:  37.7 KB Name:  VSMAXAnimated.gif
Views: 3037
Size:  57.4 KB Name:  TRMAXAnimated.gif
Views: 3045
Size:  71.6 KB Name:  NCMAXAnimated.gif
Views: 3031
Size:  145.2 KB


    Name:  superman-auraxium.png
Views: 3191
Size:  30.6 KB Name:  Top-gun-2.png
Views: 3191
Size:  23.1 KB
    Attached Images Attached Images   
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    Yeah this is the right spot for this. I figured it would be good to have a sub-forum dedicated to tracking achievement icons.

    Cleaned up bombardier a bit as there was a bit of smudge. Added that and Harvester. Thanks again!


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    Added a couple more, with two choices of either. Felt both were viable options.

    Edit: Added a third icon.
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    These are nice, we have to keep pushing out achievement updates to keep up with you!

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    I love those

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    Added a "Thread the needle" for review, and made a Duke Nukem Achievement background just for the hell of it.

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    Nice work man-- thread the needle looks great! We'll try to put these in for our next release. Your hard work has pushed me to fix some issues we've had. Last night I fixed an issue with selecting / displaying custom achievement backgrounds in redistributed voicepacks. You may not have noticed, but the sample achievement never shows under voice pack options if it is included in the rtst_vpk binary file.

    Next I want to revisit animation since it causes problems for some users still, then we can include your headshot and fatality icons.

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    Nice! Yeah, noticed that. I've had to reload the same picture several times before, and sometimes it came up blank (no background). Was going to mention it in a feedback post, but you've fixed it, so... Also added two new icons for review, Instant Action and Maximum Damage. I like the Juggernaut one a lot, so didn't want to make a "new" icon, rather try and change the existing one to something showing it's "higher up the chain", so to speak. Not sure how visible it is on other monitors, but I've added the obvious color change, a glow effect as well as blood spatter on the MAX suit. And changed the eyes. Not sure if it falls in favor, but those are my changes.

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    Excellent. To meet the current theme of progression the max one should probably have wings added seen here:

    There are faction specific achievements we have ready to add (recorded) which we'd need icons for too. Two wings ( could be used, and then just color tint the icon blue/purple/red (already red by default) for each faction. If you do that, I'll get the achievements in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exploding Fist View Post
    color tint the icon blue/purple/red (already red by default) for each faction.
    Added a second Maximum Damage in the OP (I could keep the auraxium color style from the "one man to farm them all" if you'd like). Also, is this what you meant by coloring the icon? Attachment 823 Or, would you want the square/diamond colored differently? Either is easy to do.

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