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    Error: Player missing

    Previous update fixed Recursion for a few days but now i'm getting ERROR: PLAYER MISSING in bottom right corner when i try to start a session.
    Tried multiple characters which definitely exist.
    Tried repair install option.

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    The software is fine. The DBG API is broken right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exploding Fist View Post
    The software is fine. The DBG API is broken right now.
    Can you doublecheck this please? The reason I say this is yesterday the API was undeniably broke, none of the stats sites or apps (fisu, voidwell, recursion, etc.) were working. However, today all the stats sites are working again. The only thing that isn't functioning is the stat tracker. This implies that it's something specific to Recursion.

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    Hello, i have still this issue

    Sessions Ended, ERROR: PLAYER_MISSING

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    There is only one way to solve this.

    Spam support tickets to DBG to actually let them know that they should fix the issue.

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