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    PAYDAY 2 voicepack

    After two months of work and going through thousands of sound files, I am proud to present you the PAYDAY 2 voicepack for the Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker.

    By replacing the RTST's standard files with this voicepack, you can enjoy PlanetSide 2 and the RTST with the voices of PAYDAY 2's contractors, heisters and cops.

    Don't hesitate to try this out even if you don't know PAYDAY 2.

    Here is a short demonstration video:

    Available for download here:

    All feedback, critique and suggestions are welcome.

    This voicepack is going to be updated regulary based on your feedback!

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    Being a somewhat (former) avid player of Payday 2, made some images for you that can be found here:

    Name:  Payday2Ingame.png
Views: 3085
Size:  28.3 KBName:  Payday2Stream.png
Views: 2980
Size:  24.7 KB

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