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    Arrow [Voice Pack] Republic Commando: Delta 07 Sev

    Lock n' Load Delta

    Version 1.2 [New Voicelines + changes to existing ones] 28/10/2021

    This Voice Pack contains a lot of voicelines by the character "Sev" from the game Star Wars: Republic Commando.
    I have replaced almost all of the most important and common sounds with his badass lines, some fit really well with the intended achievement too, and there are also some dynamic sounds, for example for headshots.

    If you want a little taste of his lines go here:

    Installation instructions:

    1) Download the zip file at this website:

    2) Extract/copy & paste the files into the Recursion\RealTimeStatTracker folder.

    3) Open the Stat Tracker. Go to Tools>Options>Audio>Configure. Click on Load Voice Pack. It should open to your Recursion\RealTimeStatTracker folder. Open the Delta_07_Voice_Pack.rtst_vpk. Click save once back on the Configure menu. You're done!

    4) (optional): Re-enter the configure menu (Tools>Options>Configure) and click on the Configure button under Load Voice Pack. Sample the sounds out (by clicking on Preview Sound) to see if you need to adjust the volume of the Stat Tracker or want to change the sound to a different one, all the lines are included in the "Sounds" folder in the main folder.

    This is not done and I will look to find a sound for every achievment soon, but mainly I will be concentrating on adding dynamic sounds for more achievements, so that every time it gets triggered it plays a different sound, but this version works really good for now.
    You may have noticed that there already is a mod on this forum named "Republic Commando Sev", I myself tried to download it because I love his lines, but the file didn't exist anymore, so I decided to create my own pack and publish it.

    If you have any requests for sounds or an idea about changing the sounds please ask away!
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    This is great! Thank you.

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