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    [Request] Voice Packs Reupload

    EDIT 2 : If you're reading this, you can disregard my request, I managed to get ~180 packs, most of the ones I was missiong from the previous collection too. Now all I need is to sort, edit and update all that, I'll keep you guys updated.


    I've been trying to find some of my favourite voice packs with little to no success since most links are dead.

    Would any of you happen to still have a copy of Nacht_Rabe's voice packs bundles?

    In any case, if you've got some voice packs lying around that seem to be missing from the list below, please consider reuploding them.

    I've gathered 40 of the ones that are still available on this forum, and I'll probably upload them myself once I get the ones I'm missing from the other bundles.

    Personally I'm especially looking for Valman's TF2 Scout and the NBA Jam one
    Thanks in advance (:

    Ok I may have gathered a couple more from youtube and reddit, still missing the ones I'm most interested in though.
    From 40 to 93+ (some folders have multiple versions).

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