I'm trying to make sense of some achievements but I can't.

For the Ace, Top gun and Superman events, there's two files on the achievements page ( https://recursiontracker.com/?p=c&c=achievements ), Vertical for Ace and Front for Top gun. However, when downloaded, Front is now called Superman? The creator's thread didn't help either ( https://recursion.tk/showthread.php?...ings-and-dings ), as both files are now called Top gun. But there are two files there for Superman, which are nowhere to be seen on the achievements page.

The "Sometimes I even impress myself" achievement also doesn't have any icon there, even though it does in-game, and it is also present in the creator's thread. I assume it's the same thing for the Ice event, but I never got it in-game and despite all my digging in the program folders I couldn't find anything that even remotely resembled icons or images (except the default background which is there for some reason).

I'm a bit confused.