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    Text to Speech to VOIP Overlay

    What is a text to speech overlay? All it is- is simply a voice synthesizer that reads out text to the user. Examples of this are found in multiple Unreal Engine 3 games such as Moonbase Alpha and Sanctum 2.

    I'm currently trying to figure out a way to get the player's text he types out into the chat box into audible synthesized voice that is then relayed directly to the VOIP microphone channel. All the player would need to do is press the Enter button and hold down his VOIP key until the phrase is finished.

    All i have managed to do is take a Vitrual audio cable component and set it as my recording device (Line 1) then i took a discontinued "Speakonia Text-to-Speech" program with multiple voice packs installed into it, took an audio router set Line 1 to my in-game recording device input and routed the audio from Speakonia to Line 1. I can now speak with text, just the problem of needing to Alt-Tab between PS2 and Speakonia and manually pressing the "Play" button. I'm hoping to put this all into code for easy installation but simply don't know how.
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