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    XP/Life instead of KDR

    First, I love Recursion, thank you so much for making it!

    One thing I've found that it's caused me to do though, is worry a lot more about my KDR. It makes me feel like a life where I just hacked some terminals and blew up an empty sunderer are less productive than lives where I got a lot of kills, when in reality I could get about the same amount of XP in both scenarios.

    Would it be possible to make an option to display an average XP/Life instead of a KDR in the main HUD? That'd encourage a lot more playstyles than just running it and shooting people.


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    That's actually a cool idea, I'll keep it in mind to integrate into my mod HUDs in the near future, and might be an option in the main HUD options as well.

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    Howdy! I was just wondering if there has been any update on this?

    Thanks for continuing to develop Recursion!

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