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    Exclamation Issues after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    After updating Windows 10 and the NVIDIA graphics drivers the following issues occur:

    • Disappearing and reappearing HUD elements as described in this reddit thread
    • Reproducible crashes for ALT-Tabbing out of PS2 (crashes 100%)

    Things I tried to fix the issue

    • Running everything in administrator mode (did this one regardless of the problem)
    • Running everything without administrator mode
    • Running everything with disabled fullscreen optimization
    • Disabled game mode (Windows 10 DVR)
    • No GeForce experience installed
    • Windowed / Fullscreen Windowed / Fullscreen doesn't make a difference
    • Recursion Legacy Hooks
    • Recursion Beta Participation

    I attached a cut version of my dxdiag.txt

    Thanks for the help!
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