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Thread: Overlay Issue

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    Overlay Issue

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    Overlay and crosshair appear for a few seconds. Disappear during character selection screen. Reappear once I load into the game and disappears again seconds after. Alt-Tab out of and back into PS2 makes it so that they appear on screen, but again they disappear seconds after.

    Tried a fresh install, issues still persist.

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    Have you tried running in admin mode?

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    I've been having a similar issue, overlay comes and goes seemingly at random.

    Started happening in the last week or so.

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    I also had similar issues. Though I'm not sure of exactly what fixed it, try the following:

    Help -> Update -> Repair install
    (once the program reboots)
    Tools -> Options -> Display Tab -> Ingame overlay set to Auto (Rather than x64 or x86)

    After that, I loaded up the game / RTST and toggled the interface / crosshairs on and off. (F2+Shift), and (F11+Shift).

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