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    Error: Failed to load RTPluginPS2.dll

    Basically, I've been having the same issue that has been described in this thread since I got banned (and unbanned a day later) last fall.
    Upon starting Recursion, I get the message 'Failed to load the following plugins: RTPluginPS2.dll' and the client itself stays blank (the menu on top is still showing though).
    Achievements, kill counter and statistics tabs are not working, the crosshair overlay mod is fine.
    I reinstalled several times but it didn't work. Just reinstalling the Planetside mod itself didn't help either. I also tried reinstalling Recursion on a new account that wasn't tied to any characters on the Daybreak account that received the ban, didn't fix it.
    As said, the issue started when I got unbanned and has persisted since then, so I figured it could have something to do with it.

    If you have any idea on how to fix this, please let me know.

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    Being banned from PS2 in the past shouldn't affect whether the plugin loads or not. Try going under the install directory: Recursion/RecursionTracker/ Delete the 'temp' folder. Under Mods/ Delete the '3' folder.

    Then start the tracker and it should redownload the PS2 files and start it. If not try going under Help -> Update and choosing Repair Install.

    Finally if that doesn't work uninstall the program and delete the RecursionTracker folder to clean up any remaining files, then re-install.

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    Deleting the remaining files before re-installing fixed it, thank you.

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