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    Recursion causes games to freeze when making any keyboard or mouse input

    So.. I spent some frustrating hours yesterday trying to figure out why the hell all my steam games would freeze when ever I made any keyboard/mouse input.

    It took me ages to isolate the issue and for a long time i thought battle eye was causing it. If I launched the game without battle eye, everything was smooth as butter. This was strange though as I while I cleaned all my old battle eye folders from every game I have installed, I found one in Planetside as well. And planetside runs smooth.

    So I've updated all drivers, completely scanned my entire PC of malware with two anti-virus programs. NOD32 and Malwarebytes. I cleaned my registry with ccleaner. I reinstalled drivers. Defaulted all settings. Nothing was working.

    My wife's pc with the exact same specs had no issues, so I knew it was most likely software related.

    Then I stumble upon a year old thread and a guy with the exact same issues mentions "Recursion".
    I exit recursion, load up ARK -- and what do you know.. It's smooth as butter again..

    So recursion can cause serious issues with other games, disable it if you have any issues.

    Edit: the issue was not isolated to Ark either, Conan Exiles (steam as well) also froze.

    Is it possible to ad a simple warning message when installing recursion that it may cause issues with other games? - Or is there one already, idk..
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    Can confirm, just got the same problem when playing R6S. Without hardware input enabled, the game would play fine, but whenever I tried to input text into the chat, it would appear at a snail's pace at like one character per second. It was quite frustrating.

    When I enabled hardware input, I could aim fine with the mouse.. I could move around with the keyboard just fine (except for the chat thing), but when I tried to use the mouse and keyboard at the same time the game turned into a crazy slideshow.

    After getting rid of active processes one at a time, my problems ceased when I stopped Recursion. So I'll have to start it manually when I start PS2 and stop it when I'm done I suppose. The teeny tiny inconvenience is obviously far outweighed by all of the benefits I get from running Recursion, but all the same it would be nice if there could be a way to fix it.

    Maybe I can work some scripting magic to make Recursion automatically start with the PS2 launcher and then wait until both the launcher and game executable are terminated. I'm not clever or experienced with these things, but it's worth a try.

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