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    [Voice Pack] Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice Pack!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Invades your Stat Tracker!

    Credit to Killah from Emerald
    And Special Thanks to KilledByCamelToe(aka zethiantv), Cheese and Sinist for helping me test it.


    How to install:
    (Version 0.10)
    Copy and paste the "ArnoldBG.png" file into your "\RealTimeStatTracker" folder.
    Copy and paste the "ArnoldVoicePKBETA.rtst_vpk" files into your "\RealTimeStatTracker\VoicePacks" folder.

    Note: 2 files in 2 different locations

    Launch the Stat Tracker application.
    Go to Tools >Options >Audio >Load >Open the "Voicepacks" folder >Select and Open the "ArnoldVoicePk.rtst_vpk" File and save.

    Be advised: Strong language included.


    BetaV1: (2/17/15)
    V2: (2/16/15)

    Any constructive comments, suggestions and feedback would be appreciate!
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    Now this I have to try... Thanks for posting.

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    Hi, this file has been removed? Back up link?

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    The link still works for me. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Works for me. BTW, great job with the vp Killah!

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    I updated the voice pack! Fixed some things I wasn't happy with and added some new stuff. Sorry I took so long. I kinda forgot about this.

    Download here:

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    Thanks mate! Since I use Recursion this is the only voice pack I use, and it's really great!
    I'm gonna try the new version right now

    "hey what the hell did you do! I did nothing!"

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    I added another version for the Beta Client users (you know who you are).

    BETA version:

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    A 3rd version for the non beta voice pack has been added. Took out some background noise from some call outs and changed a few too. Also by popular demand I changed from .rar to .zip files...

    Get it here:

    Edit: 2:10 PM EST Uhm, I fucked up. For the ones who Download this file before the time this of this edit please redownload and reinstall this pack. I had uploaded the wrong file. Should be good now.
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    Beta version has been updated! Raised the volume of some call outs, added a few new ones missing from the beta10 update and added an achievement background PNG file for extra flavor. This is likely to be the last time I update this voicepack.

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