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  1. Pistol Achievements?
  2. Eufie voice pack
  3. Support Achievements
  4. Announcer Customization
  5. More text options
  6. Apps?
  7. It's been a while since I posted here...
  8. Audio Device Selection
  9. New Death Screen Achievements Suggestion
  10. Overlay with stats
  11. Logitech g15 app
  12. Overlay Screen Resolutions
  13. Tournaments
  14. New Achievement Ideas
  15. Achievement Idea: Rival
  16. Achievement requests
  17. Option to disable deathstreak archievements.
  18. A Reticle in the Center of the screen for the Persistent in-game HUD?
  19. Negative achievement for teamkill ragequit
  20. Ideas for new achievements
  21. Update the Form into a Metro like Form
  22. IRC Chat Monitor
  23. Suggestions For Medals And The Program - This Is What You Want Recursion Team
  24. Render distance slider memorized preset
  25. XML Layout for In-Game Overlay
  26. Launch Button
  27. Keybinding change option
  28. New Achievement Request: Equal Opportunity Killer
  29. [Feature Request] Squad/Friend tracking.
  30. 2 New Medals
  31. range of kills?
  32. Web page addresses and interface program for Language option
  33. Combat Medic Heals total and per death
  34. Logging the event board to a text file
  35. "New follower" sound
  36. Saved session - text field
  37. Kill per Minute tracker?
  38. Delayed Hook
  39. More dynamic sounds and inactivity achievement
  40. Achievement for making someone bail and log out when you kill their vehicle
  41. Kill Streak Kill Counter
  42. Avoid empty session (auto-saved)
  43. desired features
  44. [Feature request] Crosshair-Overlay
  45. Clock
  46. use multiple voicepacks at the same time + ReplayGain
  47. Offline Mode: Select from list of 'known' players
  48. Achievement Overlay Notification size adjust
  49. Sub-Session Tracking (aka "Lap Timer")
  50. Character specific voicepacks?
  51. Ability to change the "Session Started" and "Session Ended" sounds
  52. Change Archievment Conditions?
  53. Voicepack request
  54. Setting Sanctioned/Unsanctioned weapons.
  55. More anti-air than Flyswatter?
  56. Right Click a name in the killboard to open Fisu/DA/Recursion stats page in browser
  57. Fire suppression timer overlay component
  58. beep sound for hits
  59. Continent tracking
  60. Is this even possible?
  61. Team Kill Tracked
  62. Possibility of IVI KD instead of real KD in live time in the tracker?
  63. Construction addons
  64. Rare events
  65. Achievements page update
  66. Constructive suggestion: Dynamic Crosshair Overlay
  67. Request: Ammo Printer Clock
  68. Text to Speech to VOIP Overlay
  69. XP/Life instead of KDR
  70. Achievement
  71. Resizable window
  72. Minutes instead of hours?
  73. Adding support for additional audio formats?
  74. [REQUEST] Helmet HUD overlay
  75. Is it possible to add new achievements?
  76. Twitch Chat Plug-in
  77. Per Character Voice Pack Assignment / Random Voice Pack
  78. Color Scheme Improvement
  79. Folders for Dynamic Audio in Voice Packs