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    Your application to Recursion has been submitted!

    There is one more step you need to do to finish your application.

    You must apply to the 'applicant' user group. If your application is approved, your group access will be approved. To apply to the applicant group, do the following:

    1. Go to the top right and click on Settings

    2. On the bottom right under My Settings click on Permission Groups

    3. Next to the Applicant user group, select Join Group and submit.

    4. Submit your application

    Please keep in mind that it may take time for us to properly review your application. Keep an eye on your application thread for any questions or feedback from us..
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    1. TheSchneity's Avatar
      TheSchneity -
      Can you look at my kd per day. My overall is lower than what i usually get. I am starting to main medic and have get about a 2 to 2.5 kd when I play
    1. VermGhost's Avatar
      VermGhost -
      Hey there. Old time member here from Auric Eclipse/Gold. I spoke with Sayl last night and he wanted me to reapply since I've been out for so long. Just letting you guys know I went ahead and submitted that right away.
    1. gangsterpopeye's Avatar
      gangsterpopeye -
      Hey guys, "gangsterpopeye" here. I deleted all my characters after having a kid last fall and have no way to prove my stats in the application. Do you guys do trial periods or can I 1v1 someone to get in? I've heard that's a thing, your best will probably destroy me but hopefully you'll see my potential

    1. Saitama's Avatar
      Saitama -
      submitted an application. Would like to be in a competitive outfit for outfit wars this summer ! Usually online, so ping me there on one of my alts if I missed anything. Cheers