This list of questions and answers is preliminary, and we will add more content here when we get an idea of common questions people may have.

    Could I get in trouble using this? Could this be detected or seen as a cheat?

    No. The with the exception of the overlay, this software does not interact with the game client at all. You do not even need to run the software on a machine with PlanetSide installed to track your stats. The client only interacts with Sony API servers, and the Recursion Stat Tracker server to generate statistical data. The client only processes statistical data about your session that is publically available on the Internet. This is no different than any other statistics site, with the exception that it is real time. Optionally, the Recursion Stat Tracker does hook into the game process to inject an overlay to display your stats and achievements. We have worked closely with SOE on this, and they have verified that this method will not be seen as a cheat. Matt Higby (PS2 Creative Director) was nice enough to publicly confirm this for us.

    Why do I need to login to use this?

    Older development versions of the software did not require this, but we realized that in order to provide all the features we wanted (both current, and future), we needed to build a server to provide additional content to the client. We've worked hard to make this requirement as painless as possible, and if you select 'remember login' when you login to the client, you should never need to login again.

    Is this software free?

    This software is completely free. While we've lost count at the number of hours used to create this software, we've done so completely voluntarily to give back to the community by trying to find ways to enhance our game play further.

    Can I disable some of the vocals? It's annoying to get taunted when I die a lot.

    Absolutely. All death streak related vocals can be disabled in the options by unchecking 'Taunts'. The development team likes to get a kick in the butt if we start to die a lot, but not everyone might. You can also disable any individual achievement as well.

    Can I get the overlay to show up in game?

    Yes! Make sure Overlay -> In-Game Overlay is checked off.

    How do I get the overlay working in OBS?

    Here is a video made by RadLock to give you a quick overview on how to setup the overlay using OBS. Feel free to post on the forums if you run into difficulties.

    How do I get the overlay working in XSplit?

    Here is a video made by RadLock to give you a quick overview on how to setup the overlay using XSplit. Feel free to post on the forums if you run into difficulties.

    Why do my kills/deaths display differently than other sites?

    Your Kill/Death records are displayed taking all kills/death to account. That is, it does not take revives into account with the main stats tracking. That said, if you wish to see what your KDR is with revives, you can click on the 'Miscellaneous' tab in the software. This also shows you the number of revives you've obtained, which then calculates your team dependence (how dependent you are on your team with revives). We calculate things this way for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is that for your session it is impossible to obtain revive information in real time, which is how this application is supposed to be used. The 'Revives' count in the API will likely only be updated once every 30 minutes, so do not use this metric to track your session KDR (with revives) in real time.

    Why did you create this software?

    The original purpose of this software was to provide basic real time session stats, so that we could determine how well we did during a gaming session, or how well we do with some load outs and play styles verses others. Once we had this data, we wanted to do more. Over time the goals of the project changed to not only provide session statistics, but enhance everyones game play experience with old school arcade style achievements and graphical overlays based on the real-time statistics that the software monitors. In the end we created this software with various features with the hope that we can make the game more enjoyable for everyone, even if you don't care about statistics.

    Can I see a list of achievements?

    Yes. You can go to the achievement page to look at a list of available achievements, what achievements your characters have earned, and who are the top achievements at the achievements site.

    How does this software work?
    There are two main pieces of our software. The first is the main RTST program, written in C# and .NET which handles all core logic. This program communicates with SOE's Websocket and Census API for gathering statistical data in real-time.

    The second piece is the RTST DLL, written in unmanaged C++, which is injected into PlanetSide2 and handles all of our in-game UI. It works by hooking several DirectX functions and uses our own custom designed component system for displaying information. All of this was designed with performance in mind so as not to impact one's experience in PlanetSide.

    Can I modify the vocals with something custom
    Yes, and there are many voice packs the community has created available in the Mods section of our forums.

    Can I make my own overlays / achievements / mod your program?
    You can make custom sound packs with dynamic sounds and achievement backgrounds. In addition Plugin support is now available.

    Do you have a question that is not answered here? Feel free to contact us here.