• DirectX Stats HUD Basic Configuration

    A new Stats HUD is available to be positioned on your screen.

    You can customize it with the following options. Note this is outdated with Version 10, the options are still available under Display and Component options.

    X and Y position assumes a 1920 x 1080 resolution starting from the top-left corner. If you use a different resolution it will be auto corrected in-game.
    Rotation allows you to rotate the HUD around a 3D axis. Setting all rotation to 0 makes it completely flat.
    Type is the amount of data and size of the HUD.
    Normal produces what you see in the top image.
    Small is session stats and a killboard.
    Tiny is just session stats.

    Faction Specific will automatically adjust the image to use based on your character's faction.

    You can change these settings and watch them change in PlanetSide in real-time.