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    Does anyone know how to extract sound files from rtst_vpk files

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to get sound files directly from vpk files from the achievement voicepacks. I found someone who updated the Bastion soundpack and I wanted the .ogg files for personal use. The original creator forgot to put the .ogg files in his update, still works on planetside but there is no source for the sound files that he used.

    Does anyone know how to receive those .ogg files?

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    I was actually wondering the same thing. Heck, I'd even settle for being able to set voice pack priorities so that if a voice pack doesn't have a certain sample, it has another one to fall back on.

    EDIT: So I foolishly forgot most of the voice packs (if not all of them) from the voice pack collection thread come with the sounds in a separate folder, but the issue isn't any less valid IMO.
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    You can view the contents of a VPK file on your computer by changing its extension to .zip and opening it with a suitable archiver program, for example 7-Zip.

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    You can use audio converters

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    Oh, to be honest, I have the same problem right now and I don't really understand what to do... Can someone here please recommend me something nice?

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