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    [VoicePack] DOOM + DOOM Eternal Soundpack


    I've made a DOOM soundpack, with sound playing depending on how you play, with some extra secrets in it.
    You can download it here:

    Slight disclaimer that it is loud, as that is the volume Mick Gordon published it with.


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    I freaking love this soundpack. Definitely my number one from now on. The music just enhance the mood so much and puts you into a killing trance. A true fog of war experience. I actually raised it above the default volume because it was too quiet and didn't do the music justice. I highly recommend anyone---nay---everyone to give this soundpack a try.

    10/10, would rip and tear NC and TR heads into a bloody mist everyday.

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    This one's been fun, thanks.

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    This voice pack is so good! It was my first one I used. Now I'm trying to check out other ones and but everyone I've tried so far are so very lacking in comparison to this one

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