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    NinthPigeonhead's BIG ASS Voice Pack v0.1

    Hi. Ever wanted to merge fifty different voice packs into one but didn't want to take the time nor effort? Me neither. But, I did it anyway.

    fucking download it here you stupid bitch.

    How did I do this? I stole a bunch of others people voice packs and took hours to combine them into one huge inconsistent piece of shit voice pack. Cool right? No.

    I'll continue to steal more voice packs to add to this giant piece of shit.

    Thanks to everyone who's voice pack I stole from:

    Steal all the sound files I used from here:

    Sources taken from

    * Archer
    * Arnold Schwarzenegger
    * ASF Ultimate
    * Bastion Narrator
    * Bill Sussman's Official MLG Recursion Voice Pack V1
    * BuzzCutPsycho
    * DBZ Abridged
    * Duke Nukem
    * Eldar
    * GAB
    * Gaige (Borderlands)
    * Halo
    * Krieg the Psycho (Borderlands)
    * MadWorld
    * MoosePit - Top-of-the-Pops-NOT
    * Mr. Torgue (Borderlands)
    * Tiny Horse Noises (My Little Pony)
    * Dawn of War 2 Orkz
    * Portal
    * StarCraft Broodwar, Terran only
    * Simpsons
    * Sisters of Battle (DoW Soulstorm)
    * Skullgirls Announcer
    * soupy 1.0
    * soupy's VP 2.0
    * soupy's VP 2.1
    * Space Marines Mk.II
    * Space Marines VP Extended
    * Super Smash Bros.
    * Tiny Tina (Borderlands)
    * Unreal Tournament 2004

    * BuzzCutPsycho Beta Male Edition
    * Psycho 01 (Borderlands) submitted by u/apex001
    * Psycho 02 (Borderlands) submitted by u/apex001
    * Mr. Torgue (Borderlands) submitted by u/apex001
    * Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm)
    * Starfox 64
    * Dawn of War 2: Commissar Lord submitted by u/inexgrav
    * Heavy Weapons Guy (TF2)
    * He-Man
    * Anti and Bonk: Quake 3 Arena version 0x5f3759df
    * shewie's 1st Voice Pack
    * Team Fortress 2 Scout
    * The Darket Special
    * Tiny Tinas Tee Party with badonkadonks !!!!!!!
    * Tribes Franchise Pack | working download here
    * ZoranTheBear (beta)

    Balcoran Voice Pack found in the same thread as above
    Overwatch Voice Pack found in the same thread as above

    Other voice packs I blatantly stole from:

    BlackChapels Rick and Morty Voicepack
    DOOM + DOOM Eternal by Gbroatic
    UT2004 Female Announcer by E1GHTY51X
    V2 Command and Conquer Voice Pack by Remixthis (holy fuck this pack almost drove me insane)'

    Since this is v0.1, I have a lot of shit to do for future versions, such as:
    downsample all tracks to mono to save space
    convert all tracks to 44100hz
    normalize volume between all tracks so it sounds less shit
    change filenames and metadata for proper nomenclature
    steal files from other voice packs
    remove shit I don't like
    Put in some of the unused shit
    maybe some other shit idk yet
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    I just want to say thanks for the time put to compile this MASSIVE voice pack.
    It took ages to DL but once its in you start fraging, its just a blast !

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    Thanks for spending all the time to slop together this mess, it's absolutely my favorite mess of a voice pack and makes all those focused single themed voice packs seem boring now when I try to go back and use one.....great work!

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