I am creating a voice pack and I wanted to include several different banners to choose from. When I select one of my banners to be the pack's "default" banner and publish it, I can no longer manually change the banner in the Audio > Configure panel. It always displays the "Published" banner in-game; even when I set the banner back to the RTST Default. The preview in the Configure panel shows the chosen alternate banner, but in-game the published banner is what is shown. This is reproducible. The desired behavior is for the chosen banner to over-ride the published banner.

My current work-around is to publish the voice pack with the RTST Default banner. This allows for an alternate banner to be chosen - I assume because no image is rolled into the rtst_vpk file.

Windows 10 Pro x64 (10.0.18362)
Recursion Tracker

Thanks for this great program!