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    Recursion application error

    I get redirected to the main screen every time I begin the process.
    I am deeply offended by the implication of said error. I am a Lord of Connery and the single greatest heavy main of All Time.
    I basically wrote the book on how to use medkits, and I didn't even know medkits were a thing until two months ago.
    Please re-consider my consideration of your application process, and allow me to enhance your day with surrealism
    as I make a totally legit attempt to worm my way into Recursion so I can steal all your secret hacks for myself.

    More relevantly than my contributions to the heavy meta, it should be noted that I also possess a mighty six pack (mostly of root beer).
    C'mon. I know you guys want sex appeal. I promise I'll play shirtless from now on if you let me in. I'll even shave my chest hair if you think it's necessary.
    Think of all the babes and gay guys you'll get flooding your inbox with applications!

    Bearing all this in mind, I sincerely hope you'll allow me to apply.

    Yours always, Lord of Connery and Supreme God Emperor of the NC,

    His most high excellency, One of the Three Lords of Connery, master of fate, and curator of memes, God Emperor DimGiant

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    Have you tried this link to our application system?

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