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    [Voice Pack] Hyperlite147 VP for PS2 - Popular Movie/TV/Game/Song Soundbites

    Voice Pack Download at end of post

    Hello Since I started playing again, I heard about the Recursion Stat Tracker and really liked the voice pack feature. I tried many good VPs, but most did not have 100% achievement replacement, they had little or no variations, some soundbites I didn't like or seemingly would blow my speakers with loud volume; so I wanted to make my own.

    I collated/created this Planetside 2 Recursion Voice Pack (back on July 4, 2020) with many achievement soundbite variations based on famous/popular movies and tv shows, a few games and songs, and some less expected easter eggs. I wanted to share in case others may enjoy it. Sorry no flashy VP title :P

    Special thanks to those who created Recursion Stat Tracker and have created voice packs previously. I started with these as a foundation and then scoured around for others from sites such as Soundboard, 101Soundboards, YouTube, etc to add or replace into this VP. I was limited to what was readily available, and what else I could find worth time to clip the audio for. It still took much longer to make than I expected

    Main Details:

    • Top 5 sources are: Rick and Morty, Samuel L Jackson, Portal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Game of Thrones.
    • Other sources examples: The Joker, Monty Python, Warcraft 3, The Big Lebowski, Deadpool, and The Office.
    • 100% achievement soundbite replacements (except defaults for these 4: Session Start/End/Resume/Saved)
    • 99% unique soundbites (only used once - except 1 same for these 3: Boomsticks/Dakka/Zoe Zoe for NC/TR/VS 40 kills with max)
    • 75 achievements with dynamic (2+) soundbite variations, out of 127 total achievements. Achievements may have up to 8 variations max.
    • 443 total soundbites; 108 "Per Kill" variations. I kept most UT/Quake killstreak/etc soundbites.
    • You should only need to adjust your master volume in recursion app - I balanced the volume on all individual files.
    • I did not include soundbites with very bad or Db-clipping audio (which unfortunately ruled out several good ones).

    Even More Details...

    • I matched soundbites to achievements as best I could to the achievement description/action or otherwise the title.
    • In most cases the soundbites are as if the announcer/speaker is saying it to you, or you saying it to an ally/enemy player(s), based on context of the achievement.
    • I added more variations to the more common achievements - roughly based on achievement data (frequency count) per recursion site.
    • I added more variations to certain achievements so those focusing on a specific playstyle will not repeatedly hear the same soundbites as often, and that also provides longevity as it will take more game time to hear all variations.
    • Some achievements were easy or hard to find soundbites for. They all match fairly or really well (if you know the soundbite source), but those with too many good variations I reused where fit and needed elsewhere.
    • A few of my favorites I put into "Per kill" even if they had a better match (when that achievement still had other good soundbites already) such as "Hobbit - I am fire I am death" since I'm not good enough to get some of these achievements haha
    • Although not originally planning to do these, the hardest to find were definitely for the Heal, Shield Repair, Repair, and Ammo Supply achievements, but they work pretty well.
    • I manually clipped, increased/decreased volumes, and did fadeIN/fadeOUT on certain existing or newly found/made audio files, and then did a volume normalization on all files so their volumes are all similar; none far too loud or quiet than another.

    Voice Pack Download:

    Recursion Stat Tracker - (REQUIRED) Don't already have RST? It is required for these voice packs (and has other nice features).

    Hyperlite147 VP file - (REQUIRED) This is the only Voice Pack file (33MB) you should need to download. Put this "Hyperlite147 VP v1.rtst_vpk" file into your Recursion folder (top level), then open Recursion > Tools > Options > Audio > Load, select this file to Open, and Save... That should work as of newer version of Recursion. If it does NOT work, download the folder of 443 individual soundbites below and put the folder into your Recursion folder (top level), and it will work then.

    Other Optional Downloads:

    Hyperlite147 VP All Used Soundbites - (OPTIONAL) If you want all of the 443 individual soundbites used.

    Hyperlite147 VP Not Used Soundbites - (OPTIONAL) If you want the 134 soundbites I got but did NOT use.

    Hyperlite147 VP Achievement List - (OPTIONAL) This excel shows how I matched them all up.

    Voice Pack Creation Guide - (OPTIONAL) If you want to create your own voice pack, or edit an existing one.

    ~ Hyperlite147 from PS2 Emerald Server, VS... Link to same post on Reddit.
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    Oh, that's cool!

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    My god! I totally love that! And the thing that you've added Rick and Morty's music makes it even more fascinating. I don't know I'm just obsessed with this cartoon. Don't know if it gonna be anything better! I want to make music mixes too, but I'm just learning how to do this and I'm not sure about my skills and definitely not ready to publicize the results anywhere on the Internet. Plus, I wanted to try something refined and sophisticated to impress my girlfriend. She's from Belgium so I just watched a few European 123 Movies to find inspiration and good bits. Hope she will like it. Good luck with your creation.
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