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    were is the add player button

    downloaded client logged in and this garbage lets me do the mods thing ok but i cant find anything that used to look like the stat tracker, i cant even find an option to add a character or start a session

    runs as admin
    hotkeys dont work
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    What am i doing wrong?

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    I seem to have encountered the same issue. Tried to install again tonight (had it previously, worked fine) and many parts and customization elements seem to not display (placeholders are completely blank).
    Can't add in characters, can't see the components of mods in order to modify, on options/audio page can't see the right side (the customization part for voice packs and so on), only the left side is visible. Display settings only show upper part (In Game Overlay), the lower part (Display Settings) is completely blank.

    The overlay does not show in game. Tried running as admin as well, installation done the same way i always did before.

    Any ideas?

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    Good to see I'm not the only one too.. Guessing part of the app is failing due to DBG API issue's.

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    I'm having the same issue, I see there's a few in the same boat...

    EDIT: There's no "manage" button...the Recursion "getting started" guide says at part 2 to click Manage, but there's no button...
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    Got it working. Not sure if something I did or if a server refreshed but;
    Turned on beta mode in the general settings
    Went to the mods used and turned on beta setting
    Clicked to update

    This morning I turned it on because I'd read some people are making it work by running it as administrator, but as soon as I arrested it it ran an obvious update (green progress bars on the mods) then offered up the missing "Player" half of the screen. Added player, job done.

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    Lol, seems like a bug

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