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    I'm no longer getting Socket_Timeout, now i'm getting Player_Missing

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    Tested again today. Still can't start a session, but the error message is different now.


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    As of 2/19/21, I still get ERROR: SOCKET_TIMEOUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Test1fy View Post
    As of 2/19/21, I still get ERROR: SOCKET_TIMEOUT
    Same here; it went back to the first error.

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    Possibly obvious question here, but do we know if anyone has submitted a bug report or something to DBG about this? I.E., does DBG even know that something is wrong on their end? I'd submit something, but I have no clue how to describe what's wrong.

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    DBG are the equivalent of a chicken with its head cut off. The majority of the IP (intellectual property) has pretty much left the studio. Typically, when a software company publish an API, they provide some kind of SDK (software development kit) or integration standards that help developers actually leverage the API.

    The documentation that I'm aware of is incredibly dated. I think what we're seeing here is updates are being made to the game with very little understanding of the impacts to the API (IP walking out the door). Considering 3rd party products that depend on that API are tertiary at best from a priority standpoint, I don't see this getting fixed any time soon.

    Once DBG either resolve the mismatch they've introduced in the API or provide updated documentation for folks like Recursion to modify their code or config, this is going to persist.

    I would recommend everyone just open a ticket in the DBG support portal and complain about it. The more squeaky the wheel, the quicker it'll get oiled .

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    Okay, I've been in touch with one of the stat tracker devs. No ETA on a possible fix, but they're looking into it.

    Some of the stat tracker libraries are quite old, and might actually be part of the problem here.

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    Well... That was quick... Recursion is now working for me!!! Yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by squirt View Post
    Well... That was quick... Recursion is now working for me!!! Yay!
    Yup. Fix is now live. For anyone else reading here: Use the update feature on the client.

    Full credit goes to "lllSilencerlll", the main developer for the Recursion stat tracker client.

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