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    Post ZoranTheBear VoicePack (Beta)

    I have made a voice pack of meeee.



    I need to know if any of it is wrong.
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    i have noticed the volume of the voices are a little low but that might be settings on my end.

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    Normalizing each file individually would be the only way to fix that.

    That said, you can easily turn the vocal volume up in the settings.

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    I just had to say that i really like this voicepack.
    The default one is great, but its always nice to try something refreshing.

    I also like that it has sounds for every achievement.
    Some voicepacks have missing sounds for some achievements. Guess thats the benefit of doing the voice yourself.

    Havent had any problems with it so far.

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    I was looking to change my voicepack today and for some reason couldnt find my Zoran voicepack, so here i am.
    Is this still considered to be in "beta"?

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