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    Lightbulb [Feature request] Crosshair-Overlay

    Good evening recursion community & devs.

    We all know the current policy and problematic of crosshair-overlays in Planetside 2.
    If you don't here is a short sum up:

    PS2 CS allows crosshair-overlays for no official reason, unofficial they are not able to properly tell if you use a regular overlay like mumble, ts3 or recursion instead of a crosshair.
    Crosshair-overlays themself do offer a significant advantage so more and more players start to use it. This splits the community into two different bases which is bad. While one
    faction uses it the others hate them for abusing weak CS policy, cheats & tools to gain unfair ingame advantages.

    Over the past year it got clear that PS2 CS won't change anything about this problematic while the hatred increases.

    The only alternative we have is to spread CH-overlays as much as possible until basically everyone uses it. By doing so we make sure no one has any advantage over the other one.

    This is my main reason to officially request a inbuild crosshair-overlay for recursion. I also believe that this feature will make recursion even more useful for the community and more widespread than ever.

    Please consider this feature request and thank you for reading!

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    I like your idea and support it.

    Silencer please do your magic

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    Sorry if this looks rude but a week has passed and I'm curious about the status of my request.

    Will you make it?
    In case you won't, may I ask you why?

    I would really appreciate a response on this and I hope I didn't sound like one of those nagging persons aka when is it done?!?

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    Hey StriKejk, we've seen the request. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

    Our response has always been, that if DGC had wanted something so trivial added to the game, they would have done so. With that said, your reddit responses have garnered some interest from us, and I reached out to PromptCritical to see if there is an official stance on it.

    We also have been working on other priorities, which include the ability to make your own components.

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