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    i made these today, (the first was 888)
    the problem is im learning of this now so i cant make them more Vanu purple[ish]
    i want to make the red section purple but they are all kinds of difrent small area's of red. and im not the good with this

    and a webcam overlay

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    Thread migrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eight8Eight View Post
    Since I was limited to 4 images had to make another post

    Fifth Image: I re work the bottom right left window orb and add a TR emblem I also work on the top circles and begin to size up the data fields

    Sixth Image: Add some text as well as some more data fields also change the background to black to check contrast

    Seventh Image: I add some generic texture to the right panel as well as flesh out the rest of the orbs, changed the background back to white to check on opacity for left window
    what resolution does the overlay needs to be and how do i install it??

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    how do u download them and install to tracker

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