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    made an overlay myself for vanu

    Hello guys,

    im trying all day to edit the TR overlay from 888 (good work btw)
    but when i was done editing on gimp (free same sort program as cs6)
    and i uploaded it to the obs and recursion, it was doing realy strange things in the screen.

    its letting light trough and its not ligning up straight.

    anyone has a suggestion.

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    Latest Vanu overlay, i only need the icon pack to change them to vanu ish overlay so i can change the red parts.
    but it looks cool already ^^ enjoy

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    i tried to collor them my self

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    oke ive been working all day on this and i think im realy pleased by sharing this with you guys.
    i made all the icons and emblems by hand so it took realy long. and i still have no idea how to fade the color in the little buttons like 888 did but i think i did a good job.
    For a noob with Photoshop/GIMP
    what do you think

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    Just wanted to say quick, I can't say for 100% sure how 888 made the buttons, but to me it looks like a simple task. It's called a gradient overlay/gradient fill. You create a layer in the shape you want the button to be (square/rectangle tool), feather it a few pixels to get the proper "button" look, add bevels on it and then add a gradient. I've never used GIMP, but in photoshop it's as simple as right clicking the layer (the rectangle you made), select "Blending Options" and there's a tab called "gradient overlay" which gives the effect you want. You can make the effect straight out on normal shapes, but I prefer to use layers and basic forms for most work.

    You know what, frak it. Here's a short video explaining what I mean:

    Also, since I forgot to turn off the honeycomb overlay, hers' two pictures to show the button with and without the honeycomb, so you can see it clearly: (clean))

    I just slapped on the default settings there, but you can adjust the ammount of blend for each color, where it starts etc. so you can get it exactly how you like.

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    That looks really good. We'll make sure to unlock you for the beta so you can test it.

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    Personally, I'm thinking the different color gradiants on the stats side will be eye bleeding to viewers of your stream. Also, you should create a cut out in the top left of the overlay so you can put your webcam in it. Currently it is wasted space. At least that is my opinion on your design.

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    About the weird stuff with the white text you mentioned.

    I was having the same issue with only the white text showing as clear in the preview. It seems to just be a bug with the preview in OBS, as i recorded a few videos and the text came out fine.

    I'm not sure about streaming, but i assume it will be fine on there as well.

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    My latest project

    @master is that what you mean with the webcam space ?
    Left = chat/text Right = webcam

    ​what do you think?

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    I like this much better. top one is my fave.

    No thats not what I meant by webcam space. Look at the default image that comes with the stat tracker. They have a cut out (hole) on the top left, that way you can put your webcam in there and put it UNDERNEATH your overlay so the overlay will border/frame your webcam. It will look like it belongs to the overlay instead of a webcam haphazardly plopped in the overlay. If you watched the video about how to install OBS, you can see what it looks like when you put an image underneath the overlay, looks more professional.


    just take a gander at this.

    You can see the image i put in (kate beckinsale) is framed by the overlay bc the overlay is on top of the image of kate b.

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