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    you mean this?\

    BTW: i followed on twitch, that was aan awesome (overpowerd) TR run :P

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    Now YOU (since you have a webcam) can put the cam in that space instead of on the bottom right. It gives the top left section a purpose. You can also put other stuff down (inside the space where the VS Symbol is) like ur twitter or w/e if you have one.

    Look at the TRG one that eight8eight did for one of their streamers. Thats just ideas so you can make the overlay more personal for yourself.

    Ty for the kind words. I'm mainly a VS player though :P

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    im a vs player also

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    I made some changes in the letter color, it was nasty for the eyes.
    i also changed the font to the planetside 2 type

    what do you think

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    looks good

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    thanks man :P

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    Thread migrated.

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    made an overlay myself for vanu

    and the UT render I did myself from the UT splash logo screen, I just used the extract, then it dosent matter if it looks like crap alone, but once u use it in the sig it looks nice

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    made an overlay myself for vanu

    Lol I have been on a multi million credit spending spree too thanks to having IS-3 Defender lol its nice to have a good credit generator. Only problem is now looks like I may need to get some gold for more garage slots lol.

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