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    List of Achievements

    PER KILL - Sound after every kill
    HEAD SHOT - Sound after every kill with a headshot
    MAX DOWN - Destroyed an enemy Max
    HUMILIATION - Knife an enemy
    TEAM KILLER - Killed 3 team mates close together
    PREVENT FF - Killed 4 team mates close together
    WHOSE SIDE - Killed 5 team mates close together
    KILLING SPREE - Killed 5 people without dying
    DOMINATING - Killed 10 people without dying
    UNSTOPPABLE - Killed 20 people without dying
    WICKED SICK - Killed 25 people without dying
    GOD LIKE - Killed 30 people without dying
    ONE PLATOON - Killed 48 people without dying
    ONE MAN EMPIRE - Killed 100 people without dying
    ONE MAN ONE MISSION - Killed 250 people without dying
    ONE MAN FARM - Killed 500 people without dying
    REPEAT CUSTOMER - Killed the same enemy 3 times without dying to him
    THINK THEYD LEARN - Killed the same enemy 4 times without dying to him
    DOMINATION - Killed the same enemy 5 times without dying to him
    RECURSION - Killed the same enemy 6 times without dying to him
    RECURSIVE RECURSION - Killed the same enemy 10 times without dying to him
    CAUTIOUS PRACTITIONER - Revived 5 teammates without dying
    MASTER MEDIC - Revived 15 teammates without dying
    SHADOW HEALER - Revived 30 teammates without dying
    DO NO HARM - Revived 40 teammates without dying
    MAIN HEALER - Acquired 100 combo heal XP
    HEALS REAL - Acquired 250 combo heal XP
    LIFE FORCE - Acquired 500 combo heal XP
    BASTION - Acquired 250 combo shield XP
    ENERGIZER - Acquired 500 combo shield XP
    MEND AND DEFEND - Acquired 1000 combo shield XP
    PATCHWORKER - Acquired 500 combo repair XP
    MECHANIZED MENDING - Acquired 1000 combo repair XP
    NANITESMITH - Acquired 2000 combo repair XP
    SUPPLY DEMAND - Acquired 500 combo resupply XP
    ARMS DEALER - Acquired 1000 combo resupply XP
    MERCHANT OF DEATH - Acquired 2000 combo resupply XP
    COUNTER TERRORISTS - Every 3 explosives disarmed
    MINE SWEEPER - Every 3 mines destroyed
    INTERLINKED - Every 10 enemies you kill while they are on radar
    SIDE KICK - Assisted 5 kills without dying
    OVERWATCH - Every 3 savior kills in one life
    SUSTAINING FORCE - Combo revived 2 teammates
    RAPID FIRE REVIVAL - Combo revived 4 teammates
    MIRACLE WORKER - Combo revived 6 teammates
    ZOMBIE SUMMONER - Combo revived 8 teammates
    ACCURACY - Killed 3 people with 3 consecutive headshots
    IMPRESSIVE - Killed 6 people with 6 consecutive headshots
    SHARP SHOOTER - Killed 9 people with 9 consecutive headshots
    MARKSMAN - Killed 12 people with 12 consecutive headshots
    HEAD HUNTER - Killed 16 people with 16 consecutive headshots
    LOBOTOMIST - Killed 21 people with 21 consecutive headshots
    KNIFE FIGHT - Stabbed 3 people to death without dying
    HIGH ROLLER - Killed 2 BR100 in a row
    EASY MODE - Killed 20 enemies in a row with a KDR less than 1
    HARD MODE - Killed 7 enemies in a row with a KDR greater than 1
    NIGHTMARE - Killed 5 enemies in a row with a KDR greater than 2
    IMPRESS MYSELF - Killed 3 enemies in a row with a KDR greater than 3
    ROCKET PRIMARY - Killed 4 people with rockets without dying
    MASTER JUGGLER - Killed 8 people with rockets without dying
    ICED - Killed 3 enemies with the NS Deep freeze
    FIRE - Killed 3 enemies with a flare gun
    ARMORED ASSAULT - Killed 15 people with a vehicle
    BLITZKRIEG - Killed 35 people with a vehicle
    NERFED - Killed a PlanetSide 2 developer
    VIP KILL - Killed a Recursion developer
    REVENGE - Got a revenge on someone
    PRESENT - Killed 3 people with proxy mines without dying
    LAWNMOWER - Mowed 6 enemies with the AI Turret
    HARVESTER - Mowed 15 enemies with the AI Turret
    DEATH STREAK - Died 6 times in a row
    BEING FARMED - Died 7 times in a row
    CARE BEAR - Phase blasted 7 enemies with the Lancer
    MUTUAL - Killed someone the same time they killed you
    TERRORISTS - Detonated 4 enemies with C4
    SUICIDE BOMBER - Killed someone with explosive that also killed yourself
    WELCOME KILL - Killed a BR1
    PIZZA DELIVERY - Killed a manned vehicle with a tank mine
    ROAD KILL - Ran over an enemy with a vehicle
    QUAD DAMAGE - Ran over an enemy with a Flash
    ROAD RAGE - Squash 4 people with a road vehicle
    DEATH FROM ABOVE - Killed 15 ground troops with an air vehicle
    BOMBARDIER - Killed 40 ground troops with an air vehicle
    SCOURGE OF SKIES - Killed 60 ground troops with an air vehicle
    ACE - Shot down 3 manned aircraft
    TOP GUN - Shot down 8 manned aircraft
    SUPERMAN - Shot down 20 manned aircraft
    JUGGERNAUGHT - Tore apart 15 enemies with a Max
    MAXIMUM DAMAGE - Tore apart 30 enemies with a Max
    BOOMSTICKS - Tore apart 50 enemies with a NC Max
    DAKKA - Tore apart 50 enemies with a TR Max
    ZOE ZOE - Tore apart 50 enemies with a VS Max
    STEEL RAIN - Squished someone with your Drop Pod
    SHOOT NEEDLE - Killed someone's Drop Pod
    DECIMATION - Shot down an ESF with a Decimator
    FLYSWATTER - Shot down an anemy air craft with a MBT main gun (not Skyguard)
    EXPLOSIVE EFFICIENCY - Killed 3 people with a frag grenade
    FRAGASM - Killed 5 people with a frag grenade
    PISTOL WHIPPED - Killed 4 people with a hand gun without dying
    RUN AND HANDGUN - Killed 8 people with a hand gun without dying
    SIDEARM SLAYER - Killed 12 people with a hand gun without dying
    COMMISSIONER - Killed 3 people with the Commissioner without dying
    EXECUTIONER - Executed an Infiltrator with a Commissioner
    EXPLODING FIST - Punched 3 people to death in a Max without dying
    PRECIPICE - Killed 12 people with the AV Turret without dying
    GUN BIGGER - Killed 6 people with a Phalanx AV Turret without dying
    BATMAN - Killed 40 enemies without dying using infantry weapons only
    CHEATER - Killed 50 enemies without dying using infantry weapons only
    FATALITY - Killed someone with a blunt object
    DOUBLE KILL - Scored a 2 kill combo
    TRIPLE KILL - Scored a 3 kill combo
    MULTI KILL - Scored a 4 kill combo
    MEGA KILL - Scored a 5 kill combo
    ULTRA KILL - Scored a 6 kill combo
    MONSTER KILL - Scored a 7 kill combo
    LUDICROUS KILL - Scored a 8 kill combo
    HOLY SHIT - Scored a 9 kill combo
    RAGE QUIT - Killed someone and they immediately quit the game
    SUBMISSION - Killed someone 3 times or more before they rage quit
    FIRST BLOOD - Get a kill within the first seconds after starting the game
    INSTANT ACTION - Killed an enemy within 15 seconds after loggin in
    These achievements were missing in the description or the achievement site:
    MALPRACTICE (X people died in a row after being revived??!)
    WATCH YOUR STEP (died X times in a row to proxy mines??!)

    Would be great if someone can help me with the missing descriptions so the list is complete and people can use it to organize their sound files for voice packs.

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    These are what I have but I can't remember from where I got all of the descriptions.

    Nice things - Teamkill with a gal/sundy
    Death Insult - Not sure, maybe a random taunt on death?
    Poor choices - (Revived, died)*2
    Malpractice - (Revived, died)*3
    Watch your step - Not sure, but I think it's x kills with a proxy mine/proxy mines?
    VIP teamkill - Teamkill a Recursion developer.
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    I am pretty sure "Death Insult" is a taunt that will play everytime your death streak is higher then 10 deaths.
    "-- Is streak larger than 10? Well time to make fun of you!" Thats what it says in the trigger conditions.
    So every 11th, 12th, 13th ... and so on death I guess.

    But I could not find ou what "Watch your step" is. If its kills with proxy mines then you have to kill 4 ppl with them instead of 2 like in the achivement "present".
    Oh yeah speaking of which, I am pretty sure you only need 2 proxy kills to get that one and not 3 like in the box above here.

    And thank you to both of you, I am making a custom Voicepack with Overwatch characters and scince Overwatch has tonsof voicelines for each character, there are enogh to get a line for every single achievment but that is useless if you dont know how you cant get them. And you helped me very much!
    Even we have 2018 ^^

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    In case you need some inspiration you can take a look into this Overwatch Voice Pack here:

    I made that shortly after release so it is very dated so a newer one would be very welcome.

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