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    Logitech g15 app

    Would people like to see a g15 app for this? I don't know how easy it would be to code, but it could be an extension from the current app. Personally I'd prefer the ingame overlay that has already been done (awesome job!!)

    I guess this would be for people without a second screen. However it could be interactive so it may be able to show more info than the ~ overlay?

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    I too would greatly appreciate some G19 integration (which is similar to the G15 in programming if I am not mistaken). Even if it was just basic information, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Part of the development plan is to allow user interaction in the Direct3D in-game display. That would allow us to include all types of stats on different pages users could view without leaving the game.

    What information exactly would you want shown on the keyboard display? Is the reason you want information to display there so you don't have to press the ~ key?

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    I was thinking more the fact that you could use the 4 buttons to interface with the keyboard display. e.g, show a graph of some sort. real time accuracy graph? kdr over time? and you could use the buttons to cycle through etc..

    I think what you guys are doing now is awesome. I wouldn't expect you to work on a keyboard program as well. so yeah. lol.

    I don't mind pressing the ~ button at all!

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    The real question is what % of people would be using the G15 display? I had a G15 keyboard for many years (I just replaced it with mechanical) and the only thing I ever used the display for was count down timers in a game where that was extremely useful.

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