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    Cool My new favorite Voice Pack!

    Hi there!

    I use the stat tracker since years now and I love it, thanks for the great software! I tried many voice packs and there was always something that I didn't liked in it, I post a lot of Planetside 2 videos so the callouts are very important for the audio of my gameplays.

    So I finally created my first voice pack! There is callouts from my 3 favorite voice packs (Starcraft, Duke and the simpsons) and many external parts from movies, games or youtube videos.

    Some of the callout sources are:
    Starcraft 1
    Duke Nukem
    The simpsons
    Team fortress 2
    Serious Sam
    Shakaron song
    Trololo song
    Game of thrones

    I tried to make the callouts consistent when they follow each other (typically the Double-triple kills...) but the source change for different kind of events, for example healing and repairing has a lot of Team fortress 2 callouts. All the Killing spree to Wicked sick serie has Duke nukem callouts. The death streaks have trololo extracts etc...

    Anyway this is a mix of all the callouts I love to hear for each moment!

    Download the voice pack Here (Mediafire):

    or here (Google drive):

    Please let me know if you like it. This is the 1.4 version, I'll keep updating it if I find better suited callouts.

    Thanks for reading!

    [EDIT: Here is a video with examples and a guide on how to install the pack]
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