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    Exclamation Ability to change the "Session Started" and "Session Ended" sounds

    Hi there!
    When creating my voice pack I really wanted to be able to change the "sesssion started" callout, I've looked for it in the list for so long!
    I wanted to add a short music with sound effects of a soldier putting his gear up.

    I hope this can become a feature!
    Thanks for reading

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    Hey buddy. Session Starting/Ending is classified as a system sound, where only achievement sounds were meant to be customizable. That said I'm not sure if there would be an issue with allowing those two specifically to be customizable. I'll talk it over with Silencer when he's around and see if it's something we could add in the todo bucket. We are working on some big changes right now, so the development branch isn't available for small changes like this right now.

    Make sure to make a post when your voice pack is ready. I look forward to trying it out.

    Edit: NM I see you released it in another thread already. I'll check it out tomorrow hopefully.
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    Thanks for considering the request!!

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    Turns out these actually have to be adjusted to work with other program changes. To make things simple they'll likely be configured directly as 'Achievements' which can be edited the same way as everything else.

    So request granted!

    It may be awhile before this update hits.

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    Awesome!!!! Thanks a lot!

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