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Thread: Yacht Charter

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    Yacht Charter

    Hi, I'm planning to charter a yacht for a birthday party.
    Has anyone done something like this before?
    Where can I rent a yacht in Miami?

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    I hope you will succeed, the party on the yacht sounds cool

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    I strongly advise you to find out in advance about the situation with covid certificates or vaccines of all the people you invite. So that it doesn't happen that guests will come to you, and the owners of the club won't let them on board because they didn't put the vaccine. You can order the yacht from boat rentals miami, I recently celebrated my wedding anniversary there with my wife. Excellent service and pleasant staff; I liked everything as a client. I was even surprised at how seriously they approach their work because I thought that now you can go everywhere without a certificate since everyone is already tired of these lows and checks

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    I would recommend spending some time in Little Havana for a bit, perhaps eavesdrop on a Hispanic family planning a Quince. You may be able to find a birthday party on a Yacht for free. They invite everyone to these parties so just show up and they'll think you're their cousins from Mexico or something.

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    What if I need a mega-yacht? Can I rent one then? I'm looking for something that SCREAMS "I'm well off, but I am not truly rich by any means.". Thanks in advance!

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