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    16:04:40: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\atklshld64.dll".

    Recently when launching RTST with planetside 2 I get this error and then the crosshair starts bugging out in the sense I cant move it anymore and its basically just stuck, plus it makes my characters movements all weird in addition to that i am unable to even use my cursor on the menus in game. I have already tried many times to see if it was an issue with the application or PS2 but so far nothing seems to have changed and also I have reinstalled RTST and planetside 2 many times to no avail. My game goes back to normal as soon as I exit RTST.

    If you have solutions to this issue please provide them it would be greatly appreciated :).
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    I found a solution to this, incase anyone has a similar issue in the future. I uninstalled recursion then perm. deleted the .dll file in safe mode then re-installed recursion. So far it has been running without any issues.

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    thank you that's nice, it can still be useful

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