Hi there! I'm a long time user of recursion and recently got a new PC on which I've installed Ubuntu. I'm curious if anyone here has any expertise getting recursion to work using wine and what you had to do for it. So far, I've been able to successfully install and log in to rst but whenever I try to run it it flashes the main screen up and instantly closes. I've tried a couple different wineprefix setups, both in 32x and 64x and with the dotnet452 dotnet45 and dotnet40 dlls installed. I've also installed all fonts. I'm thinking I might need a directx install or c++ redistribution but I'm not sure what versions would be required.

For reference, I'm using wine (7.14) and winetricks (20220411-next) and running on ubuntu 22.04. Wine was installed following this guide and winetricks with this guide both from the winehq wiki.I'm running planetside 2 through steam with steam play using Proton experimental.