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    Recursion counting (as far as I can tell) Experience Events as kills/deaths

    Recursion Tracker version is

    Here is a screenshot of a random run I did. Additionally, here is the link to the session.

    As you can see by the killboard, I only have 8 actual kills and 3 actual deaths, yet the tracker reports 12 kills and 17 deaths.

    The 4 additional kills map to the experience events that are, for some reason, tracked for 3 of my killers and one completely random player (presumably assist XP), the additional deaths mostly map to the experience events received by me for the frags (in the in-game overlay I immediately get one kill and one death upon making a kill). The large bundle of experience events (which I presume are also tracked erroneously tracked as deaths) are me standing on a control point.

    Weirdly enough I don't get this issue every day. I've had it all day today (31st of March) but did not have it yesterday (30th of March), so I presume this is related to the API in some capacity. Can't say when the issue started precisely, but I remember intermittently running into it ever since the last version of the tracker released. The issue happens regardless of character (tested on Nereithr, NereithrVS and NereithrAI), installed mods or any Recursion settings.

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