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    WH40k Five Voice packs: SM, CSM, GK, ELD and Assasins plus Ordo Malleus

    I am a lover of WH40k and I was not happy with the past WH40k voice packs so I am doing it again in my way. If you have any issue just write me.

    Adeptus Astartes is completelly nuts and perfect for any player. V3 updated July 2023

    Name:  Dark Angels cover.png
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    Eye of Terror is special, more than 25 Mbs with really good and surprising voices including some warp characters like demons... perfect for chilling.

    Name:  Khaos 2.png
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    Imperial Assassins with some Ordo malleus is the psycho one and my favourite if you are an Infiltrator. Specially the Eversor for normal killing / Vindicare lines for sniping so perfect voice pack for Infiltrators. I added more Grey Knights voices for more achievements. V4 updated on 16th May

    Name:  Eversor2.png
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    Grey Knights terminators, dreadnought, chaplain... voices are out on 17th May 2023!!

    Name:  Grey Knights 7.png
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    Last Aeldari out on July 2023, updated on August 2023, the biggest of all voice packs and perfect for the most competitive players. You will know why.

    Name:  Eldar 6.png
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    P.S: And now working currently in a Necron voicepack for NSO. Contact me for more details or any issue

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