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    WH40k SIX Voice packs: SM, CSM, GK, ELD, Assasins plus Ordo Malleus and NECRONS

    I am a lover of WH40k and I was not happy with the past WH40k voice packs so I started from scracth and doing it in my way. With more than 300 custom voices in each pack! (took me weeks to do it, specially the Eldar...)
    If you have any issue just write me.

    A tiny example of what you can expect

    Adeptus Astartes is completelly nuts and perfect for any player. V4 updated Nov 2023

    Name:  Dark Angels cover.png
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Size:  80.3 KB

    Eye of Terror is special, more than 25 Mbs with really good and surprising voices including some warp characters like demons... perfect for chilling.

    Name:  Khaos 2.png
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    Imperial Assassins with some Ordo malleus is the psycho one and my favourite if you are an Infiltrator. Specially the Eversor for normal killing / Vindicare lines for sniping so perfect voice pack for Infiltrators. I added more Grey Knights voices for more achievements. V4 updated on 16th May

    Name:  Eversor2.png
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    Grey Knights terminators, dreadnought, chaplain... voices are out on 17th May 2023!!

    Name:  Grey Knights 7.png
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    Last Aeldari out on July 2023, updated on August 2023, the best for me of all voice packs and perfect for the most competitive players. You will know why.

    Name:  Eldar 6.png
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    Last out the Necrontyr on November 2023!! the biggest pack (31 MBs of voices) with full of characters like Necron Lord, Cryptek, Nemesor, Lychguard... and of course several C'tan!! Added new lines of the StormLord in the new version 4

    Name:  Necron 2.png
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Size:  55.1 KB

    Contact me for more details or any issue

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