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    The Ultimate Archive: 180+ Voice Packs

    So a couple months ago I've tried gathering as many voice packs as possible after getting a new pc without a backup of my voice packs and struggling for months to find them again, as most links are down.
    I wanted to sort, update, fix some of the packs, and credit them all, but I don't really have the will to throw 20+ more hours at this. So I'm just gonna upload the folder as is.

    I gathered these packs either on this website, on reddit, on youtube, or have contacted some people to reupload the files I couldn't find myself.
    I decided to trust those people as they were involved in the community, in making voice packs and such.
    I've split the pack into smaller parts to run on VirusTotal, here are the results (0 detections).
    You can also download the splits and run your own analysis if you will.
    Also some of those voice packs are absolutely NSFW, or controversial to say the least. While those do not reflect my own morals and values, I chose not to censor them.
    Download with discretion.

    That being said, here are a few infos

    - If the .rtst_vpk file is by itself, it's probably v10 compatible, the samples are already integrated into the file and you only need to load it in the RTST.

    - If the voice pack is in a folder with all the samples as .ogg, you're gonna need to copy / paste all the files to your Recursion install folder.

    - Some packs are too old and simply incompatible with the newer versions of RTST, you might want to try this fix:

    - If you're still having issues, try checking if the path of the samples matches with the vpk file once loaded. Options > Audio > Configure > Sound File (upper right).

    Huge thanks to Menshir, u/TheNinthPigeonhead and u/CdrClutch for providing a lot of the packs I was missing.

    Here to download all the splits (7 parts)

    Here to download the whole thing (4 GB)

    Or here to download any file from the pack. Google has some protection against mass downloads though, it might ask for permission from the uploader (aka me) after a while.

    Here are a couple more I forgot,
    Unexpected Jihad:
    Fullmetal Jacket:

    In any case, you can contact me on reddit at u/ChasseurDePorcinet, or as PZ or poizone on PS2 related Discords (PS2 Community, Recursion, FrenchSide, Cobalt Community)
    Cheers (:
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    This is great work. I've mirrored the file here to make it easy to download:

    I think you're missing this one someone made a long time ago:

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