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    [Voice Pack] Darkest Dungeon

    I made this one couple weeks ago after the idea came to me during one live stream of Darkest Dungeon I was watching. The narration of this game has always impressed me.
    Basically I had no idea how to makes voice packs and I was curious how the process worked, so I started checking it out just a little. 5 hours later I had quite well formed voice pack in my hands -.-
    All the most common achievements have been covered and you shouldn't run in the default voice track too often. And when you do, the basic tone of these two voices are similar enough for it not to be disturbing.
    I've been using it ever since and even if I say it myself, it worked out quite well for a first time work. I will most likely keep updating it over time.
    Currently the voice pack contains roughly 50 voice tracks from Darkest Dungeon (

    Voice Pack download:

    Edit: Finally got sufficient footage captured and actually put it all together for a preview video. The first 1:30 should be enough to get a firm grasp of the voice pack, rest just delves a bit deeper.
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    oh sweet, now I don't have to do it... Ya know, if I possessed the capability of not being lazy and all.

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    Thanks for the voicepack, its one of my favorites. On youtube you asked if i had any "improvement suggestions". I don't know if they're "improvements" but I have some changes that I personally enjoy. Maybe you'll like them too.

    As I said before, I changed roadkills to "Hahahahha! Let those dirty beasts worship the mud now!"
    Same audio for quad damage.
    I have also changed:
    Ragequit : "It. Is. A Travesty. A blundering mountain, of hatred, and rage."
    Humiliation : "A mighty sword arm anchored by holy purpose! A zealous warrior!"
    Session Started: "Teetering on the brink, facing the abyss"

    And I changed the multikills so that as it gets higher, you proceed further into madness.
    doublekill - "A hand's breadth from becoming unwound."
    triplekill - "Dazed. Reeling! About to break."
    multikill - "Reeling. Gasping. Taken over the edge, into madness."
    megakill - "Madness, our old friend."
    ultrakill - "And now, the darkness holds dominion. Black as death."
    I wanted to have more audio where the narrator goes deeper into madness but I couldn't find anything I liked.

    This isn't all of the changes I've made, but I don't want to list the others since they aren't very good. This is my 12th version of the voicepack and I'll probably keep changing it. Thinking about changing my Session Started audio to doublekill and shifting them up one.
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    Oh nice it didn't even occur to me you can change the "session started"- message. Also I like a lot your approach on the multi kills, I just might take a note on that one. =)

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