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    Fire suppression timer overlay component

    So since having only a [Waiting] message blinking after supressing fire, it can be really annoying when you are in a tricky situation where you know your fire suppresion should be ready soon, so you end up just spamming F, hoping it will pop eventually before you're dead.
    Because of that it would be really awesome to have some kind of timer in the recursion overlay that actually tells you how long you have to keep [Waiting].

    Now i have no idea how difficult that would be to implement, but it would be really useful!

    Depending on how much info the API provides on that matter, the timer could be set either by the user in the mod configuration some how, or it could even adapt automatically depending on the vehicle you're in and depending on the level of FS that vehicle has unlocked. Or you could maybe even set up a number of different timers, that you can switch between via keybinds.

    Also it would be needed to be able to change the keybind to activate the timer according to the ingame keybind and there would need to be another keybind to deactivate the "activation keybind", so you don't have the timer go off everytime you use your abbility as infantry.

    Maybe even some animated bar, but a simple text based timer would certainly do the job as well.

    Anybody knows if that is possible, or is even willing to implement it?
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    Hmm, not a bad idea to have a key event countdown timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exploding Fist View Post
    Hmm, not a bad idea to have a key event countdown timer.'s happening... ?

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    Something like this?

    Where do you think it would be best positioned?

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    YES something like this!

    As for the positioning, i think that's a bit tricky. Putting it behind "FIRE SPRSN" in 3rd person might make it hard to see it good in 1st person and putting it in a good centered position in 1st person might make it seem out of place in 3rd person.
    But a very brief check by looking at some air montage suggests, that it wouldn't be too terrible in 1st person when it's put behind the "FIRE SPRSN" in 3rd person for all 3 ESF. I didn't check for any other verhicle though.

    But since i guess we will be able to position it freely like all the other mod components, i'd say put it there initially and then everyone can move it where they prefer it if they don't like it!
    Or just put it to the side initially. maybe above the minimap?

    Edit: actually centered below 3rd person [WAITING] should work pretty good for all ESF in 3rd and 1st person.
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    I think I've settled on this as the final position for it:

    It's more visible in first person, you can see it on your screen without shifting focus as far from the center during a dogfight, and it doesn't obstruct anything in 3rd person, being on top of the ESF. Of course, it'll be able to be dragged around and repositioned at will so it's not much of an issue, but as a default I think it works pretty well.

    You'll be able to manually adjust the timer duration in the configuration options (to account for various ranks of FS, or to use it for anything else you wanted timed), cancel the timer by pressing the key again, and enable/disable it as a whole so you can turn it off when playing as infantry or something. It's currently bound to "X" by default.

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    one little final request though:
    would it be possible to have the cancel function rebindable indepently from the activation key, or have it (the cancel function only) deactivatable?
    I might out of habit hit Fire Supression when i'm being jumped even though it is still on cooldown sometimes. Having the timer canceled in that situation would lead to me having to spam F again (and starting/canceling the timer repeatetly) when the guy who jumped me gets me to burning.

    Thanks a lot for the great work!

    Edit: in addition to rebinding/deactivating the cancel function, it would be needed that the timer won't just reactivate and start again whenever the activation key is hit by accident before the timer is ready.
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    ...sooooo i know you guys probably have your hands full with all kinds of stuff that is definitely more important, but since it looked like it was almost ready in the gifs (at least to my unproffesional eye)...

    ...may i kindly ask if there is any ETA on a release for the timer?

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    Sorry, there are a few issues still that need to be worked out with it. It's technically functional but it's a little annoying to use and I'm going to get that sorted as soon as I can. Been really busy in general, not to mention leading up to the 0.11 release. Look to see it in the next week or so!

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    Alright, thanks for the update! i was just curious, so take all the time you need!

    And thanks!

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