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    Cool Possibility of IVI KD instead of real KD in live time in the tracker?

    Hey everyone, it's D3STRUCTION from [DA].

    I use the RTST occasionally and something I would be interested in seeing (as well as probably a lot of other infantry players) would be an option to view IVI KDR instead of real KDR on the live feed.

    I have no idea if this is possible- I'm not actually sure how 50 calculates it on DA stats, hah. But I do think it would be interesting and I would definitely use it more!

    Anyways, thanks for considering the idea! And if it isn't possible, oh well.


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    It's technically possible, yes, but IVI is calculated differently depending on where you go. Recursion, Fisu, DA, etc. all have different things they define as "infantry" when it comes to stats. One example is semi-automatic sniper rifles. They're not counted as infantry weapons for Recursion achievements but they do count for IVI on DA. Not sure how Fisu treats them but Fisu IVI is different from DA's in general.

    There's no easy way to have a user-selectable list at the moment, but this may be possible sometime in the future.

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