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    Program works fine except no tracking of in-game activity

    This began yesterday. RTST will recognize that the game is running and will recognize when I log in with different characters, it will display the overlay, but it can't track kill/death stats. Are the census API servers down? It still knows that I'm logging in and out, and which characters those are.
    Between yesterday and today, I reformatted my hard drive (which I was already planning to do) and installed windows 10, reinstalled planetside and recursion, and the problem still persists. Absolutely no tracking of in-game activity, but the auto-track feature works and it will start up recursion when I log into an auto-tracked character, and the overlay will display and everything. Frustrating, because I really don't like playing without it.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Yep, same here. I think the API servers are fine cuz i can log to other websites that use the census and they are working with no problems.

    I'm sure RST admins are aware and working on this.

    We just have to wait

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    There are API issues ongoing for past few days, Emerald specifically AFAIK.

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